Fairfield Township can be found in the western part of Cumberland County, New Jersey. Fairfield is the classic rural agriculture community. The Township encompasses 47.3 square miles with a population of 6,295. Approximately 88% of the land is agriculture, marine, state-owned or floodplain. The Township of Fairfield’s population is mainly concentrated in two areas;  Fairton Village, which is located in the center of the Township at the intersections of Route 553 (Fairton Gouldtown Road) and Route 698 (Ramah Road), and Gouldtown which is located just east of the City of Bridgeton on the Route 49 corridor. It offers a variety of opportunities for retail, professional, industrial, and residential development.

Key factors that make Fairfield an attractive location for your business include:

  • Available and affordable land zoned for development.
  • Local and county government that welcomes development that is well planned and in keeping with the character of the community.
  • Fairfield Township Economic Development Committee will work hand-in-hand with you to make your move to or expansion in Fairfield as efficient and easy as possible. Contact: 856-451-9284.
  • Easy access to markets in the region, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the East Coast corridor via NJ State Highways 55, 77 and 49. Traffic is light on all access roads, making movement of goods and services fast and reliable. No costly delays.
  • Land with access to Winchester and Western Railroad that provides access to the entire CFX rail system.
  • A workforce of more than 400,000 employees within an easy 30-minute commute of Fairfield.
  • Cumberland County College, Cumberland County Technical Education Center, Cumberland County Office of Employment and Training and the New Jersey Department of Labor offer training programs with possible financial assistance to prepare your workforce.
  • Your business may qualify for special incentives offered by New Jersey Commerce and Growth Commission, New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Federal agencies.
  • Special loan programs are provided by Cumberland County and Cumberland County Loan Assistance Corporation.
  • You and your employees will have the opportunity to enjoy the special quality of life found here by living and/or working in a rural area with considerable open space, preserved lands and beautiful natural areas.