Zoning Review



1. All applications for new construction, reconstruction, or restoration first requires submission to the Fairfield Township Zoning Review Officer. This review is to determine whether the proposed construction will first require approval from the Fairfield Zoning/Planning Board. The Application for Zoning Approval must be completed and all necessary information submitted back to the Zoning Officer with the fully completed Form. Partially completed applications or inadequate information will result in a return to the Applicant without action.

2. The submission of Zoning Review Application must be accompanied with the amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00), cash or check (made out to Fairfield Township).

3. The submission of a Zoning Review Application must be accompanied with a complete survey of the property prepared by a licensed NJ Surveyor performed within the last five (5) years and show all setbacks to closest property lines of all buildings on the lot. The survey shall indicate all impervious coverage such as concrete, asphalt, brick/brick pavers, etc. Failure to provide a proper survey may result in denial of the application. The Zoning Officer may waive the requirements for a survey if sufficient information is supplied in order to make a determination.

4. Upon review by the Zoning Officer, the Applicant will be advised in writing of the decision. Either the review will result in an approval and the Applicant can then make direct submission to the Construction Code Official for a Building Permit OR the application is denied and the Applicant must seek approval from the Zoning/Planning Board.

A. If the Zoning Review is approved, the Applicant can then make submission to the Construction Code Official for a Building Permit. The instructions for completion of a Building Permit Application are provided with the Building Permit Application Package.

B. If the Zoning Review is denied, the Applicant can make submission to the Zoning/Planning Board for approval. PLEASE NOTE THAT SUBMISSION TO THE ZONING/PLANNING BOARD DOES NOT IMPLY THAT THE APPLICATION WILL BE APPROVED. The instruction for completion of an application to the Zoning/Planning Board is contained in the application package.

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