Rental Registration

From the Zoning Office

Notice: Owners of rental properties within the Township of Fairfield are required to register and have them inspected annually per revised Ordinance 9-4; View Rental Registration Form

Please call 856-451-9284 for more information (Click for Current Fees)

Sellers of all mobile homes within the Township of Fairfield must first obtain a certificate of approval prior to sale from the Township Zoning Office.

From the Tax Office

In case of an emergency or if we need to contact you, we would like to improve our computer records in the Tax Offices of Fairfield Township. We would like to request telephone numbers for all Fairfield Township homeowners, renters, and landlords. Please take a moment to provide the following information. These records will be kept confidential. Thank you, your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Check one of the following please:
Homeowner _____      Renter _____      Landlord _____

Name ________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________

Block _______________      Lot _____________

Home Phone __________________________

Business Phone ________________________

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